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Nature 'n' Me Organic Kala Chana or Black Chickpeas is nutritious,delicious, rich in protein and high in fiber, low in cholestrol and fat.It is also a good source of  Iron and folate which makes it good for pregnant and lactating women and growing children. Moreover Organic Kala Channa is free from any adulteration and coloring matter and is also free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. So adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating Nature n Me Organic Kala Channa.

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  Yes 100%
  Nature 'n' Me Organic Kala Chana or Black Chickpeas provides good plant-based sources of protein. A high-fiber diet lowers your cholesterol levels and helps prevent constipation. Fiber helps regulate blood-sugar levels in individuals with diabetes, Sodium causes your body to retain water and increases your blood pressure, while potassium helps reduce the effects of sodium. A high-potassium, low-sodium diet helps prevent high blood pressure and an increased risk of stroke and kidney disease. Iron is a component of hemoglobin, which is the oxygen-carrying component of your red blood cells. Iron deficiency causes anemia. Pregnant women need to have adequate stores of folate for preventing neural tube birth defects, and a cup of boiled kala chana supplies 282 micrograms of folate, or 71 percent of the daily value.
  Tips for Use : Nature 'n' Me Organic Kala Chana retain their shape and are therefore desirable in a salad or are lightly sautéed and mixed with fresh diced onions, minced cilantro and lime juice as a side dish. It can be cooked with or without salt, sautéed in garlic butter, or with mayonnaise and lightly cooked vegetables to make a delicious salad. It is a wonderful addition Pani Puri. Nature 'n' Me Organic Kala Chana are very nutritious and used in curries and chaats. Soaked and cooked makes it easy to cook and very delicious. Soaked and sprouted is used for salads. Cooked with other vegetables to be used as a side dish for Naan or Roti.

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