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Frequently Asked Questions

Question : 1) Do I have to store organic food differently?

Organic food cannot contain any artificial preservatives, thus tends not to have a shelf life, similar to that of conventional foods. It should be used as quickly as possible and it should be washed before use, like all other products.

Question : 2) How do I know a product is organic?

Organic produce will have a certifiers’ symbols on it somewhere. The certifiers have a stringent way to determine whether produce is organic food. The produce comes with trace codes which the certifiers maintain and the consumer can run it through their consumer trace system and find out everything about it.

Question : 3) Is organic food better for you?

Organic food is better in the sense that is does not contain chemical cocktails, and there is definitive evidence on the harmful effects of such chemicals on human health and on the general environment. Well balanced soils grow strong healthy plants which many believe taste and contain more nutrients.

Question : 4) Are all organic products completely free of pesticide residues?

Certified organic products have been grown and handled according to strict standards without toxic and persistent chemical inputs. However, organic crops are inadvertently exposed to agricultural chemicals that are resident in the soil due to it’s overuse, during the past fifty years and also due to drift via wind and rain.

Question : 5) What types of foods are available as organic?

Most consumers think of fruits and vegetables when they think of organic products, but there are many other organic food, including pastas, sauces, frozen juices, frozen meals, soups, chocolates, cookies, meat, poultry, dairy and even wine.

Question : 6) What does organic mean?

Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycle and soil biological activity.