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Honey, Fenugreek, Mustard Seeds, Red Chilli Flakes

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Moong dal chilka, White sugar, Soyabean whole, Lobia

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I have tried organic products very first time through, the quality of the products is really satisfactory! One should try, for sure
- Neha Kalra, Houswife, Phase-II Gurgaon

Will recommend naturnme,com what a classic service, received order in just two hours
- Sneha Manchanda, IT Consultant, Gurgaon

I only tried Desi Ghee, it's simply awesome
- Mayank Sharma, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

I have come across very first time with this store in September 2014, I will say best Organic Hub in Delhi/NCR
- Shalini Verman, Retired Government Employee


Do I have to store organic food differently?

Organic food cannot contain any artificial preservatives, thus tends not to have a shelf life, similar to that of conventional foods. It should be used as quickly as possible and it should be washed before use, like all other products.

How do I know a product is organic?

Organic produce will have a certifiers’ symbols on it somewhere. The certifiers have a stringent way to determine whether produce is organic food. The produce comes with trace codes which the certifiers maintain and the consumer can run it through their consumer trace system and find out everything about it.

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